Vermiculite Ceiling

Vermiculite Ceiling (Popcorn appearance) is the application of the natural mineral Vermiculite onto the upper surface of a building to assist in fire protection and sound insulation. Vermiculite is a mineral which will expand in the circumstance of becoming in contact with fire, or when heated excessively. This expansion (exfoliation) helps to minimize the transfer of fire outside of the vermiculite treated area. Because of its excellent fire rating properties and sound proofing, vermiculite ceiling were routinely applied in the past within commercial buildings, factories, structures, units and homes as a means of fire protection and sound proofing.

Sydney Painting & Maintenance can assist with all your needs when it comes to vermiculite ceilings. The team of experts will assists in transforming your space from that dull, grey look to a bigger, brighter and modern space.

We provide services with 5 years warranty, throughout Sydney.
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