Pressure Cleaning & Sealing

Pressure Cleaning 

Sydney Painting & Maintenance Pressure Washing services will keep the appearance of your properties in great shape. By properly managing the visual appearance of your properties, you will retain and help improve its value and the over all look of your property.


Dirt, grime, mold and mildew build up can cause rot, decay and liabilities on your sites/property, costing more in future renovations and repairs. Regularly having your property exterior cleaned can help dramatically cut down on these costly repairs.


Our Effective pressure washing units are industrial grade and are extremely affective.


In addition to concrete cleaning we also offer a concrete sealing service that will lock in that clean look for 
years to come. It also deters moisture absorption, preventing unwanted cracking, pitting & warping, extending the life of your driveway, sidewalks, porches, patios, bricked walls, tiles, pavements etc.

We provide services with 5 years warranty, throughout Sydney.
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