Wallpaper Removal Services For Sydney


Give your business a fresh look the easy way. Sydney Painting & Maintenance helps revitalise your business’ image with comprehensive wallpaper removal services. No matter how tough the job is, we’ll strip your walls bare, giving you the blank canvas you need to redecorate the way you want.


Sydney Painting & Maintenance makes even the largest jobs affordable. If you’ve been putting off a redecoration because you’re concerned by the price of removing extensive quantities of old wallpaper, don’t worry. We offer a flexible service that’s customisable to your needs and budget, helping you get the results you want at the price you need. If you’d like to find out how easy it could be to transform your space, start a conversation with our team today.


The smarter choice in wallpaper removal

At Sydney Painting & Maintenance we have the skills and experience needed to successfully remove even the toughest and oldest wallpaper. Whether you’re looking to roll back your most recent redesign or you’ve just taken possession of an older building in need an easy to way to start fresh, we can help you get your remodelling or redecoration off to the right start. Our teams of professional painters also have the tools necessary to protect the walls underneath the wallpaper to ensure your walls are not damaged during the removal process.


When you are in need of wallpaper removal, leave it to the experts to get it done right the first time. Our experienced technicians know how to achieve the best possible results for properties of every size and design. Whether you’re the owner of an extensive retail complex or a sprawling industrial facility, we can transform your property. Start a conversation with our team to learn more.


Supporting businesses across Sydney

Sydney Painting & Maintenance makes it easy to get the support you need, wherever you are in the city. Contact us at our Paramatta office on (02) 8677 0778 or send an email at info@paintsydney.com.au with your questions and one of our staff will be in touch.

We provide services with 5 years warranty, throughout Sydney.
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