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Have your home painted by a team with proven high standards, who can get in and get out fast, leaving great paint finishes in their wake. Sydney Painting & Maintenance are your house painters extraordinaire, servicing residential properties from one side of the city to the other. We can accommodate your needs and those of your property, with our house painters finding themselves at home whether painting a mansion or touching up a 1-room flat. Simply specify your wishes to the Sydney Painting & Maintenance team when setting up the job, and we can adjust our choice of products, colours, and techniques to comply.


Our house painters have been working on all sorts of homes, from Castle Hill, to Epping, to Parramatta, since the company formed many years ago. In that time we have left countless customers happy and satisfied, refining our practices and product choices to produce the best results every time. So confident are we in our painting, that we offer customers a 5-year warranty on any residential painting work we undertake. That surety is important when the value of your home is on the line. Don’t take the risk of hiring less qualified house painters.

Our house painters will leave you smiling every time

At Sydney Painting & Maintenance, we’re committed to leaving you 100% satisfied with the work we do, every time. No job is too big or too small to do right, and our residential painters always combine great workmanship with top quality paint products and tools. Certified by the Master Builders Association and Master Painters Australia alike, you can rest assured that you’ll find no better house painters in all of Sydney.


We understand how important the family home is to your happiness and that of your family. Sydney Painting & Maintenance teams respect the sanctity of your space wherever possible, keeping our workspace small and keeping things clean and efficient as we go. If you need us to work at a specific time to keep from impacting on your daily routine, we are more than happy to negotiate that at the job's outset.


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Call us today on 02 8677 0778 to discuss our residential or commercial painting services. Alternatively, use our online forms to request a complimentary quote or callback.

We provide services with 5 years warranty, throughout Sydney.
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